What We Do

Our expertise is all over the map: we are well-rounded writers, editors, and project managers. We love to pitch, write, edit, refine, shine up, and reimagine. Masters of creative thinking and to-do listing,  we can work with you to spruce up any content or plan, and help push your vision to resounding success.


Product API documentation for developers

We created world-class API documentation to guide developers in utilizing and customizing Atlassian's newest product, Stride. Using the development team as subject matter experts, we quickly took bits and pieces of existing developer-created content and wrote full-fledged guide and reference documentation for the Stride API.

Research, project planning, interviewing, information architecture, content strategy, technical writing

In just six weeks we researched, planned, wrote, and implemented extensive tutorial, reference, and learning content detailing the intricacies of a new product's API. Have an undocumented API? We can crank out an extensive and easy-to-read documentation set!


UI app labels and descriptions

Stride, the full-featured chat/collaboration/all-around-communication tool from Atlassian, uses a litany of apps to assist you in getting the most out of the product. To help new users understand how they can use apps like Stroll and Trello for Stride to rock their workday, we created informative interface label and description snippets to quickly convey the purpose of each and to get the user back on the road to productivity.

Information architecture, content strategy, user interface and experience design, technical writing

Have some user interface text that needs a tweak? We're great at condensing much needed info into concise and engaging UI copy to garner that click and get the user moving right along!


Technical documentation

Working with product owners of the Atlassian Confluence Cloud developer documentation, we implemented a complete content migration to a new website, performed technical editing on existing docs to update them, and planned and implemented new information architecture standards for developer docs.

Research, project planning, interviewing, document management, technical writing and editing

Using content strategy, exacting editing eyes, and a lot of humble enthusiasm, we knocked this developer content migration out of the park. Need a content re-org? We can dig in and strategize!


Business pitch & product plan

After researching a new mobile app, its potential users and audience, the value add that its features convey, and its most viable and strongest competitor, we crafted some suggestions and ideas for pitching the app to investors and communicating  the value proposition for first-time users.

Research, project management, project planning, interviewing, marketing

Sometimes you need an outsider's perspective to bring some light to a given project. We can train our fresh eyes on your efforts and help you rejuvenate your perspective, and ideally your profits.


Copy editing & design changes

"Earn Grow Give" by Camille Gaines

We provided copy editing, layout design changes,  and general editing for Camille Gaines' financial advice book, "Earn Grow Give."

Adobe InDesign, copyediting, layout design, document management

Editing is one of our favorite things to do. Let us reimagine your text and make it dazzle.


Style & formatting standards

Documentation Style/Formatting Guide

Style and formatting guides are typically produced to help employees, from HR to Software Engineers, write clear and concise text via universal professional style. This one includes style guidelines for cross-reference style, punctuation, heading formats, preferred nomenclature, abbreviations, and more.

Technical writing, editing, content management, project management

Every company needs a style guide to help provide structure and consistency to their documentation, communications and general branding. Let us take your standards to a whole other level of professional!


Tutorial documentation for training

Continued internal training is a fantastic way to keep your employees educated and empowered. This set of  tutorial documentation was meant  for internal customer service training and future referencing by the entire hosting company staff.  It details setup and use instructions for the desktop and web application, explaining all features and functions available. 

Technical writing, content management, copy editing, research, project management

We can create simple and informative training and tutorial documentation for ANY app, service, or product.


User guide for client use

Suite of tutorial documents outlining WordPress management instructions

This set of documentation was created to aid clients in better managing their custom-built WordPress websites and employees to provide exemplary customer service, which had very specific available features and options. The documents illustrate the steps needed to manage and maintain the widgets, content, and appearance of our client's websites.

Technical writing, copy writing, layout design, graphic design

Let us create intuitive and full-featured user guide documentation for any app, service, product, software suite, etc. in your repertoire. Complete and effective instructions save time and money!


Website content management

Content creation and management for corporate website

From copywriting and content creation to full-fledged content strategy and management, White Space Words can help get your new site off the ground or spruce it up in a flash. We created and implemented new content, participated in user interface design, and helped create the look and feel of this corporate website redesign. Simple, clean, and informative, this website just WORKS.

Technical documentation, HTML, content management, content writing, editing, project management

Allow us to take your website out for a spin, and then gaze at the improved shiny and streamlined version that returns. Our tune-ups range from mere content improvement to whole website management.

All of the above, but so much more...

Get in touch with your ideas, brainstorming, lofty goals, and requests. We will work with you to make your content shine.